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Who are we?

Our team currently exists out of 2 main admins who constantly update this website and create new template for your use. We are both motivated and real-life friends. We are open for new contacts that can help us to create even more content and improvements to our website.

Thomas Horton

Peter Cliffson

Our motivation

Our first target is not making money. That is what makes us diffrent from other websites. We want everyone to be able to have a nice looking website.... For free! Ofcourse we need money to survive. That's why we introduced the premium system. Besides $1.99 is for free. We also have the 2 donation options that allow us to get some extra money. Almost all the money we earn from this website goes back in it.

How it started

We are both XHTML/CSS experts that wanted to do something for other people. The time we had spared after or before a freelance job we spended designing and coding all sorts of templates. After doing that for some years we had enough and we decided to create this website. Thomas designed, XHTML/CSS coded and PHP coded this website. Peter works on the popularity and traffic. We both keep on making free templates in our spare time. Ofcourse we also have other stuff to do. We go to college and do what normal people of our age do. Going out, having fun, working for school (?), ...