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Ferquently Asked Questions


Please read this FAQ before contacting us for help.

Q. What is the diffrence between free and premium templates?
A. Free templates only contain the home page in valid XHTML/CSS. The premium version includes the PSD and mostley also has sub-pages with PSD and valid code. In the description of the template you will find the exact files. Free templates might have ads and encrypted footers.

Q. What will happen once I paid?
A. You will recieve your premium download link instantly. It will be emailed to your paypal ID and it will appear on your screen. If for some reason this automated progress goes wrong, then contact us with your paypal ID so we can send it to you manually.

Q. How do I use your templates?
A. You will need a host. Upload our files and then go to your URL. You can edit the text with a simple WYSIWYG editor or notepad. For any graphical changes, the PSD included in the premium package is needed.

Q. Am I allowed to sell your templates?
A. No, all templates are our property. You have the right to use and modify them (exept for the footer on free templates).

Q. Why is the footer encrypted?
A. Our free templates have encrypted footers. Buy the premium version to get the full XHTML/CSS footer. You DO NOT have the right to change the footer of any free template. You may only do this with our premium templates.

Q. How can I register?
A. The login form you see at the top is for admins only. We currently do not have a register function. Our admins have recieved an username and password from us to login. They can submit templates to us in that way.

Q. How do I become an admin...?
A. Obviously we cannot trust every random guy asking for admin. You will recieve admin status if you donate templates/money regulary and help us as much you can. You will also need MSN to talk with us.